Specialized Codes Session 1: Reading Exercise

Directions: Transcribe these words and phrases into print. In the box provided, type your transcription. You do not have to include the sentence number in your transcription.

You do not have to finish all the words in one session. You can save the file, log off, come back later and restore the file. Once you have completed the entire exercise, you can then submit the file to the instructors for their evaluation.

If you need to indicate a character, such as a "divide" symbol, that your keyboard does not have, indicate it by spelling out the name of the symbol, preceded and followed by an asterisk. For example, "8 *divided sign* 4 = 2".

To save your file, you have to provide a file name. In order to ensure that your file does not erase someone else's file, we want you to use this method of naming (and restoring) files. For this session, you should use the first part of your email address, immediately followed by the abbreviation "s1" for Session 1. For example, if your email is "bsmith@aol.com", you should use the name "bsmiths1" for this file name. For Session 3, you will use the name "bsmiths3", etc. Please do not save your files with clever names like "braille".

Enter your full name here (not optional):

Enter your E-MAIL address here (not optional):

Use this filename to restore or save your file (optional if you plan on finishing whole exercise in one sitting):