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Session Topics
  • Alphabets and Alphabetic Indicator
  • Greek Indicator
  • English Indicator
  • Abbreviations
  • Boldface and other Types

  • Reading Exercise
  • Writing Exercise

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  • Greek Alphabet (Standard)

    Name of
    alpha A dots 1
    beta B dots 1-2
    gamma dots 1-2-4-5
    delta dots 1-4-5
    epsilon E dots 1-5
    zeta Z dots 1-3-5-6
    eta H dots 1-5-6
    theta dots 1-4-5-6
    iota I dots 2-4
    kappa K dots 1-3
    lambda dots 1-2-3
    mu M dots 1-3-4
    nu N dots 1-3-4-5
    xi dots 1-3-4-6
    omicron O dots 1-3-5
    pi dots 1-2-3-4
    rho P dots 1-2-3-5
    sigma dots 2-3-4
    tau T dots 2-3-4-5
    upsilon dots 1-3-6
    phi dots 1-2-4
    chi X dots 1-2-3-4-6
    psi dots 1-3-4-5-6
    omega dots 2-4-5-6
    sampi dots 1-4
    stigma dots 2-3-4-6
    vau dots 1-2-3-6
    koph (qoph) dots 1-2-3-4-5

    Greek Alphabetic Indicators

    Greek Letter Indicator
    For Standard Letters dots 4-6
    For Alternative
    Forms of Letters
    dots 4-6dots 4
    Capitalization Indicator (single) dots 6

    Use of Greek Alphabetic Indicators:

    1. The appropriate alphabetic indicator for Greek letters must always be used to identify the aphabet to which the letter belongs. The effect of an alphabetic indicator extends only to the letter which follows it. Thus, in a sequence of unspaced letters, the appropriate alphabetic indicator must be used before each letter.

      1. dots 4-6dots 4
        (Greek uncapitalized alpha)

      2. (Greek uncapitalized alpha, beta, gamma)

    2. When the letter is capitalized, the capitalization indicator must be placed between the alphabetic indicajtor and the letter. The effect of the capitalization indicator extends only to the letter which follows it. Thus, in a sequence of unspaced letters, the capitalization indicator must be placed before each capitalized letter.

      1. (Greek capitalized sigma)

      2. (Greek capitalized delta and omega)

    3. The letters of the Greek alphabet are mathematical expressions and must be punctuated accordingly.

    Alternative Forms of Greek Letters: The following Greek letters possess an alternative uncapitalized print form. The difference is shown in braille by placing the Greek letter alternative form indicator dots 4-6dots 4 in front of these letters. If a Greek letter is represneted by its alternative form instead of its standard form throughout the print text, the symbol for the standard form must be used in braille. However, a transcriber's note must be included at the beginning of the text to inform the reader of such changes in braille usage. The alternative form should be used in braille only when both forms - standard and alternative - appear in the same print text.

    Name of
    print form

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