English Braille
American Edition



Definition of Braille

Rules of Braille
  1. Punctuation Signs
  2. Special Composition Signs
  3. Format
  4. Asterisk, Footnotes, References
  5. Accent Sign, Diphthongs, Foreign Languages
  6. Abbreviations
  7. Numbers and Roman Numerals
  8. Coinage, Weights, and Other Special Symbols
  9. Poetry, Scansion, and Stress
  10. General Use of Contractions
  11. One-cell whole-word contractions
  12. One-cell part-word contractions
  13. Lower Signs
  14. Initial-letter contractions
  15. Final-letter contractions
  16. Short-form words

Typical and Problem Words

  • Index
    BRL Courses
  • Intro to Braille
  • Braille Transcribers
  • Specialized Codes

  • Users Guide and Legal Notice

    Legal Notice

    These materials are provided free of charge for the benefit of braille transcribers, teachers, braille students, and others with an interest in braille literacy. These materials are an exact copy of the print version of Braille Formats, available from the American Printing House for the Blind, Catalog number 7-35931-00. The electronic version is maintained by The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc., in cooperation with the Braille Authority of North American (BANA). All corrections to the electronic version should be sent to Ron Broadnax (rbroadnax@shodor.org). Questions concerning the rules and other issues regarding the transcription of textbooks should be directed to BANA and/or other braille experts.

    The electronic version of these materials may not be copied, duplicated, or changed for any reason without the express written permission of BANA. You may, however, provide links from any web site to these web pages.

    The Shodor Education Foundation and BANA hope that this electronic version of English Braille, American Edition 1994 is of value to you! Please let us know how we can make these materials more useful!