BRL: Braille through Remote Learning

Specialized Codes Course



Session Topics
  • Signs of Grouping
  • Enclosed Lists (Grouping)
  • Nondecimal Bases
  • Level Indicators
  • Format

  • Reading Exercise
  • Writing Exercise

    Other Resources
  • Contact instructor
  • Send mail to class
  • Main BRL page
  • Contractions Lookup
  • Contractions List
  • Intro Braille course
  • Transcribers course

  • Superscripts, Subscripts, And Level Indicators

    This section is quite lengthy with numerous examples, so the reading has been divided into nine sections:

    1. Superscript Level Indicators
    2. Subscript Level Indicators
    3. Baseline Indicator
    4. Effect of Level Indicators
    5. Left-Superscripts and Subscripts
    6. Simultaneous Superscripts and Subscripts
    7. Nonsimultaneous Superscripts and Subscripts
    8. Prime Signs and Superscripts and Subscripts
    9. Detached Superscripts and Subscripts; Superscript and Subscript Combinations

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